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Top 10 Apps That Pay You For Walking

Is it possible to earn money or gift cards by walking? Surprisingly, the answer is Yes. There are lots of apps available on the play store which reward you for your step count. Different apps will give you different rewards. Here we are giving you the top 10 apps that pay you for walking and you can use to earn rewards.

10. Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

Charity Miles do not fall into the category of apps for earning yourself.apps-that-pay-you-for-walking-charity-miles Instead, it allows you to raise money for your favorite charities. You can choose which charities you want to raise money from a list available on the app. You can earn money by walking, Running or Cycling. In other words, if you are a social enthusiast you can use this app for a social cause without paying anything or adding more to your donations.




9. BetterPoints

BetterPoint is a UK-based Ecofriendly pedometer app that rewards you with Better Tickets. The Better-tickets can be earned by walking, running, or cycling. You can also earn better tickets by participating in 25 different lots available on the app. The Betterpoints aim to save 10 million kg of co2 emissions by December 2021. The timeline shows your daily activity. You can check various programs and participate in them to earn extra tickets. You can redeem your better points for books, gift cards, shopping online, and many more. There is also an option of donating your better points for charities.



8. WinWalk

Winwalk is a free and easy to use pedometer app that motivates you to walk more daily and helps in boosting your activity level. That is to say, you can use this app to stay fit and to earn money. It automatically tracks your daily steps, calories, distance, and active time and gives you reminders to keep you going. For example, the app will remind you to walk certain amounts of steps based on your daily count. The app rewards you for every 100 steps you walk. Earn coins and exchangethem for e-gift cards from famous brands. You can use these coins to redeem gift cards and various offers at Nike, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

7. Yodo

Yodo, lets you fall in love with sports without knowing it, just complete the goal every day, there will be cash rewards waiting for you to take. The app manages your health parameters and accurately records your walking, running, hiking, etc. In yodo, you can invite your family members or friends and earn extra rewards. You can withdraw your cash rewards in no of the different options available on the app. The app also provides sports videos, which will help you in losing your weight.

The Yodo app works for walking and running both. There are different ways to earn coins. You can earn coins by completing single tasks or daily tasks or exclusive tasks. The app provides an inbuild exercise course for various things like losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles, etc.

6. StepBetapps-that-pay-you-for-walking-stepbet

As the name suggests, StepBet is an app in which you have to bet on your steps which you think can achieve in a day. The most important thing to note here is you have to bet with real money. If you are ready to take this risk, this app is best for you to earn money. The steps are tracked using Fitbit or Garmin or google fit app. You can connect your favorite fitness tracker devices with a step bet.

How it works:

  • Select your step tracker device (Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung Health, GoogleFit are supported).
  • Choose a Bet from the game’s pot to join the official fitness goal.
  • Walk, Run, Exercise, and stay active and hit fitness goals on weekly basis.
  • Win and split the pot with other winners.

StepBet gives one week of full refund policy. You have to bet a minimum of 40$ on yourself for a span of six weeks.

5. Lympo – Move. Measure. EARN!


Lympo is a free app made to allow you to earn some money while completing your healthy habits. the app is designed to help you in achieving fitness goals in an easy way possible. You will be rewarded for pursuing positive healthy habits through this app. Every day you will get lots of new daily tasks and fitness challenges.

After you complete your daily challenges, you will be rewarded with coins. The Lympo app counts indoor as well as outdoor steps and it also works on the treadmill. The app can be connected with Samsung Health, iHealth, and many more. You can redeem LYM coins within their app. You can use them for buying a variety of items like shoes, bags, watches, smartphones, etc.

4. YChamp: Running & Walking Competitions

The YChamp is the only app program that counts steps for both walking and running simultaneously. the app allows you to compete with users from all over the world. the application is an activity tracker and selects for each user the most appropriate match among competitors, considering and comparing their abilities.

The app provides different functions like user ratings, chats in competition, data synchronization. User ratings allow users to see their ratings of the competition compare them with other user ratings to get some special prizes. The chat in the competition option allows participants to chat with each other. The app is also synchronized with iHealth and Google Fit.

3. Runtopia

Runtopia is a smartphone app that tries to motivate you to stay fit and rewards you for staying fit. You can record your steps while walking, running, or cycling also. You can connect your fitness device or smartwatch and easily increase your step count. The app also works while using a treadmill too. The app provides real-time audio support to help you in working out efficiently. You can add your friends, follow them, and motivate each other in staying fit and earning rewards. You can participate in events and races to earn more.


The app has both free and premium membership options. The runtopia premium offers you advanced data analysis, personal features to help you train and improve your running performances more efficiently. It also provides you your real-time heart rate zone.

2. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a digital currency generated by Sweatcoin app by counting your steps. The application counts outdoor steps only. For every 1000 steps, the app provides you 0.95 sweatcoins. You can earn more sweatcoins by claiming bonuses like adding your friends or seeing daily bonus ads. You can use a 2x boost mode for 20 min daily to double your earnings.                                                                                                                                            apps-that-pay-you-for-walking-sweatcoinapps-that-pay-you-for-walking-sweatcoinapps-that-pay-you-for-walking-sweatcoinapps-that-pay-you-for-walking-sweatcoin

The sweatcoin app provides five different categories of levels that cap your daily earning based on a particular category. The basic version is MOVER in which you can earn up to  5 sweatcoins daily. Next is Shaker in which you earn daily up to 10 sweatcoins. but it costs you 4.75 sweatcoins monthly. Next in line is Quaker which costs 20 sweatcoins per month giving you a daily limit of 15 sweatcoins. After Quaker comes Breaker costing you 30 sweatcoins per month and which increases your earning capacity to 20 sweatcoin per day. The last is Trouble Maker. You have to pay INR 110 per month to upgrade this level. You can earn daily up to 50 sweatcoins. So by upgrading to the next levels you can earn more.

There are lots of options for you to spend your sweatcoins. You can redeem 20000 sweatcoins for 1000$ PayPal payout. You can donate your coins to charities available on the app.

1. StepSetGo


StepSetGo is a Mumbai based startup that offers you coins for walking and running. The app offers you 1 stepsetgo coin for every 1000 steps you walk. You can also join in-app events, play games, accept challenges to earn more SSG coins. The app records your steps, distance in KM, and calories burnt during your workout session. You can earn 5 SSG coins daily by watching five ads in the daily rewards section. The app also offers to invite and earn rewards in which for every friend or family member you invite, the SSG app gives you 5 SSG coins.

The StepSetGo app provides five different levels which in turn limits your daily earning limits. On level 1 you can earn 2 SSG coins. On level 2 your daily limit is increased to 5 SSG coins. As you rise to the next level your daily earning limit is increased by 5 coins each. On being level 5, you can earn 20 SSG coins. You are auto-upgraded to the next level when you reach your daily limits for three consecutive days. Also if you fail to reach a safe point for three consecutive days, you are downgraded to the previous level.

You can redeem your SSG coins on the in-app bazaar section. The app provides you varieties of products accessories electronic items etc. You can also bid on various products like iPhone in the Bazaar section.


These are our top 10 pedometer apps that pay you to stay fit by walking or running. You can tell us which is your top pick up and why in the comment section and we will update our list accordingly.