Top 10 Best Alternative To Google Play Store For Android Devices

Top 10 Best Alternatives To Google Play Store For Androids.

Have you ever wondered why Google play store comes pre-installed along with your android smartphone?

According to Wikipedia, the Play Store is Google’s official pre-installed app store on android-certified devices. It means it is not possible to get the Play Store apk file and install it later. The Play Store is a central point of the android platform. Nothing can be done on android without it. It is used for downloading different apps, books, magazines, movies for free or paid.

Google earns money through advertising and for doing that, it collects users’ data. Whenever you are using any of the Google apps, it remembers the information you put, processes it and according to it, advertisements are shown to you. Hence you will always see a sponsored app at top of your search list in the play store. Another problem with the play store is that it keeps showing books and movies even if you are not interested in them. This starts irritating.  Also you cant find certain huge and more complex apps on the play store due to Google privacy policies.

Here in this article, we will give you a list of the Top 10 Best Alternative To Google Play Store For Android Devices:

While browsing through third-party app stores, you must use one which you can trust. The apps available on these app stores might contain hidden malware. Hence you must verify the legality of the app by checking its developer details. Allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources might pose threats like third-party apps are that arent verified might cause multiple problems and decrease system stability or some third-party apps may contain malware that puts your personnel data at risk.


Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

It is the best and most secure app store available on the web. F-droid is a Free and Open Source Software application for the Android platform. The main source of income for the developers of the F-droid is through donations. F-droid allows free apps only and it has a policy of not pushing apps that include paid ads. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

You can very easily search for the required app through the search option or browse through all 191 different categories. The F-droid also gives you the feature of sharing apps offline through nearby sharing. For this, both parties need F-Droid apps installed on their devices. It is the best alternative to Google Play Store.


  • Easily manage installed apps
  • Using repositories, add additional sources of apps
  • Control updates over Wi-Fi, data, or automatic update interval
  • Light, Dark, and Night themes
  • Includes incompatible versions
  • Gives the option of using a proxy through TOR for increased privacy
  • Prevents taking of screenshots
  • Panic Button
  • An expert mode that shows extra info and enables extra settings

Download the F-Droid App Store from Here.


Aptoide is an alternative application for Google’s Play Store for the Android platform. It requires no registration for using apps on the store and downloading. It is completely free to use. The Aptoide app is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

Aptoide is more than just an app store. It is a marketplace where users can create their own stores and publish their creations on the store. You can very easily browse them sorting through categories, smartphone brand, developers type, music, games, and many more. You can also find different modified apps or MOD apps on aptoid itself, unlike Google Play Store. Aptoide also suggests your editorial apps list like play store’s Editor’s Choice.  The app download and installation takes place within the aptoid itself. It also gives you options of turning on or off of auto-updates.


  • Easily install all apps from a vast library of apps on the Aptoid store
  • Trusted stamp on safe and verified apps
  • Open-source versions are available
  • Downdate  meaning you can remove the recent update and go back to the previous version with one click
  • Automatic updates options
  • Even restricted and modded apps are available
  • Turn on or off compatible apps option
  • Light and Dark themes available
  • Maximum cache limits can be set
  • Hide or Show adult content
  • Allow root installations

Download the Aptoid App Store from Here.

Amazon Appstore

Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore is a challenging app for Google’ play store. It’s new in the market. But the features offered by the store are so good that lots of users have started using them. By using the Amazon AppStore you can get your favorite apps and games and also save money on in-app items with Amazon Coins. It is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

Amazon Appstore also gives you a paid app for free every day. Besides lots of free apps, the AppStore also offers several books, songs, and movies, that too at a lesser cost than Play Store. The market for Appstore is growing fast since the introduction of Fire OS based Kindle Fire, the Fire Phone, etc.


  • Discover top apps and games for free
  • Save more by using in-app Amazon Coins
  • Access all your apps, get app updates, and manage subscriptions in one place
  • Parental control is available
  • Restricts downloads to WiFi fro downloads larger than certain sizes

Download the Amazon App Store from Here.


Getapps is a pre-installed app on all mi smartphones along with the play store. It is the official app store for all Xiaomi smartphones using which you can download lots of apps on your android smartphone. You need to log into the app to get started. You can browse various apps using categories or by directly searching them through the search box.

Getapps offer virtual money earning feature. You can earn daily up to 200 points by doing daily tasks. The getapps allow you to redeem these collected coins for buying different MI products through the app only.

It allows auto-update of your apps. You can also update your MI apps using this AppStore. The getapps give you inbuilt dual apps, cleaner, battery usage, security scan, and share files option.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Automatically update apps when connected to WiFi
  • comes in six Indian languages

Download the Getapps App Store from Here.

Uptodown App Store

uptown best app store

You can download apps in apk format directly from the Uptown app store quickly and safely. It is an open app store. It means it is not bound to any region or country-specific restrictions. There is no need to sign in on the app for using it. The app offers a trustworthy interface.

Along with a huge number of android apps, the app store provides lots of content-rich editorials on different apps. It also provides screenshots and videos of apps made by themselves. It is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.


  • Easily install lots of apps
  • Update all apps with one click
  • Turn on auto-update
  • Rollback of update
  • Allow animations
  • Erases downloaded apk files after installing
  • Fifteen different languages support

Download the Uptodown App Store from Here.


APKMirror app is an official application of the APKMirror website. The app provides different types of files like .apkm, .xapk, .apks app bundles, etc. It is a trustworthy app store. All uploads on the APKMirror are verified before publication.

APKMirror is a highly curated community. The primary purposes of the app are, allow updates to popular apps, remove geo-restrictions, allow for alternate distribution. The app store does not host any paid apps, all apps are free.


  • Downloads apps from google’s servers
  • Only uploads verified apk files
  • Allow auto-updates
  • Removes geo-restrictions
  • Supports bunch of file types
  • Provides previous versions of the same app

Download the APKMirror App Store from Here.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung is a world-famous brand name. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones based on android support. Samsung has developed its own app store called Samsung Galaxy Apps. It comes pre-installed on all Samsung Android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Galaxy Apps support only a few numbers of apps. It also supports different styling apps so that you can very easily customize the look of your smartphone. You need to sign in to the Galaxy apps using your Samsung Account for using most of its features.


  • Supports a large user base
  • Auto Update feature
  • A wishlist option is provided
  • Manage your subscriptions in the app itself
  • You can use vouchers and gift cards
  • Provides customization service

Download the Samsung Galaxy App Store from Here.


mobile 9 logo

The mobile9 has a huge user base of active users. You can download free Android apps to explore new ways of doing things. You also get addicting games for Android. The mobile9 app store offers apps to keep your phone safe and secure, Minecraft games, reigns games, etc. You can customize your phone with beautiful HD wallpapers, Ringtones, different notification sounds, and many more. It is the best alternative to Google Play Store.

The mobile9 app store also offers you tons of books and comics. You can choose to read them online or download them in PDF or EPUB format. And also get to download short quotes, Sapphic books with Latinx characters, and many more. You can become part of the mobile9 community and upload your content on the store for free.


  • Millions of users share your content
  • Safe and secure apps
  • Along with apps, you get wallpapers, ringtones, music and videos, and books, etc
  • You get new watch faces
  • Family filter mode
  • Data saving mode

Download the Mobile9 App Store from Here.


Mobogenie or Mobo Games is the most popular alternative to Google Play Store. You can download various apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, and youtube videos. All the apps on Mobogenie are fetched from google’s server and also many third-party apps that are not available on the play store are made available on the mobogenie app.

The app comes with a default debugger mode. Also, it provides a memory booster using which you can speed up your smartphone. Battery optimization is under your control while using the app. The Mobogenie app provides cloud support on which you can upload all your files. The Mobogenie is blacklisted by google play protect. It is the best alternative to Google Play Store.


  • Default debugger mode
  • Memory booster
  • Auto-update setting available
  • Can be used as a file manager
  • Back-up option on cloud
  • Useful commands feature for navigation

Download the Mobogenie App Store from Here.

Yalp Store

Best Alternative To Play Store

Yalp Store is the mirror copy of the Google Play Store.  It has the same data of the apps as on the play Store like App description, Screenshots, Changelog, and app reviews. The app directly downloads apk file of the apps from the Google Play Store. It also searches for updates of any of the installed app. The app is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

The Yalp Store allows you to have more control over previously installed apps too. For accessing google play store apps, Yalp uses a built-in google account so that you don’t need to own a google account. The Yalp also works on rooted smartphones. The app has one disadvantage that is it promotes non-free network services.


  • It is light in size, just 1.43 MB
  • Choose download path
  • Delta update feature downloads full update every time
  • Check for updates periodically
  • Black or White list of apps for update
  • Delete .apk file after installation
  • Supports rooted device
  • Use Tor as a proxy
  • Dark, light, and black theme

Download the Yalp App Store from Here.

The above given are the Top 10 best alternatives to the Google Play store. Comment us what is your favorite alternative to Play Store.

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