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Top 10 Best Minimalist Launchers For Your Android Phone

Launchers are the applications created for easing your experience and guiding you to other applications. They try to modify UI, design, and the way you are interacting with other apps. With every Android phone, you will get a default Launcher. For eg Samsung provides TouchWiz easy home launcher, Redmi provides System Launcher, as default launchers. As the launchers are developed by different developers, they have different features as compared to each other. So which is the best minimalist app launchers for you?

Some launchers give you a bundle of features, but also are heavy and need more storage for running them. They drain the battery of your smartphone quickly. Some launchers come with only basic features, are very lite, and also don’t drain much of your battery. A few developers also add some extra features with launchers like Booster, Cache cleaner, etc.

Here in this article, we are giving you a list of Top 10 best minimalistic Android launchers.


KISS launcher

Kiss launcher is developed by Neamar. The app is only 167 kB. It is getting fantastic reviews on the play store and slowly becoming more and more popular. It has 100K plus downloads google Play Store. KISS stands for “Keep it Simple and Stupid”. As the name suggests, it is a fast, light, simple to use the launcher. It learns on the go meaning, the more you use it you will discover more of its features.

You can see your history, quick accessed and most-used apps, and search for anything all these on the home screen itself. Type anything in the search box and you will see apps, contacts, important settings starting with that name or letter. You can press on the green circle to the left of the search field and access all the installed applications. Click on the three dots to the left of the search field and access Kiss Settings, Update wallpaper option, and Device Setting Option. It helps you find the most used features quickly.

Get Kiss Launcher app from here: download link


  • Small
  • Optimized battery performance
  • Smart, search everything that you need
  • Blazingly Fast
  • Minimalistic interface
  • Cant add widgets


Sentien launcher is an experiment of the team Sentien Audio. The app is an open-source application. It is based on the KISS Launcher and offers some extra features like a built-in calculator, simple voice command, etc.  It gives you a clean interface. The Sentien launcher app is one of the best minimalist app launchers available on play store.

Sentien launcher best minimalist app launchers

The sentien launcher offers you total privacy and 100% data ownership. It is not tracking, sharing, storing your data outside of your device. You can customize your home screen with Sentien Launcher using wallpaper support and colors. You can organize your apps with tags to make searches even quicker. It allows you to add widgets on the home screen.

Get Sentien Launcher app from here: download link


  • Small and light
  • Clean interface
  • Lighting fast for smart search
  • Battery optimization
  • Built-in calculator
  • Voice command feature
  • Total privacy and zero data sharing
  • Minimal required permissions to run


Since the launch of the ap15 launcher, the launcher applications got a new change. Most of the new launchers followed it and developed their launchers on the same interface. It is a lightweight android app that is focused upon minimalism and efficiency. You will see the names of all of your applications on your home screen. You can scroll up and down to see more.

Ap15 launcher best minimalist app launchers

Ap15 is a simple launcher that works best on budget smartphones. You can enable swipe down on the screen to open the notification bar. It also allows you to customize the font, size, and color of the app name. The app offers you an app hide option in default. Also, you can enable shadow, hide system bars, change the background color, image, etc.

Get ap15 Launcher app from here: download link


  • Easy to use
  • Minimalist and high efficient
  • Hide apps option
  • Customize as per your need
  • No widget support


The app is developed by Tanuj. It is an ad free minimal app launcher for android devices. The app has got excellent rating of 4.6 stars on play store. The Olauncher app is one of the best minimalist app launchers available on play store.

olauncher best minimalist app launchers

If your smartphone has issues of memory or small RAM, ill suggest you to try Olauncher as it’ll give you more space for other applications. You can add your most used apps on home screen. You can slide up on home screen to open all apps. Slide right to open call menu and left to open camera. It also allows you the option where you can turn on daily wallpaper updates. The app does away with distractions and make you focus on your work.

Get Olauncher app from here: download link


  • Completely Ad-Free
  • Simple to use
  • Minimalistic
  • Daily new wallpaper update
  • Lets you use only top four apps on home screen

Slim Launcher

The app name is Slim launcher – Fewer distarctions, more life. The app has been developed to suit its name. It allows you to use only few apps on your phone. The app believes in giving you more time to enjoy your life, and makes you focus on your life by giving you less apps on homescreen to use. The launcher allows you to change themes, time format, and customize apps. It gives you very simple theme with no distractions by default. The Slim launcher app is one of the best minimalist app launchers available on play store.

slim launcher best minimalist app launchers

You can choose the apps you use mostly. Thus the apps you don’t use much will not be seen unless you add them into app list. Also you can see top four mostly used apps on home screen. You can slide the call icon to open call menu and camera icon to open camera app on homescreen. The app is a open source application and free of ads.

Get Slim Launcher app from here: download link


  •  Distraction free app
  • Most minimalist
  • Ad-Free
  • No widget
  • No App Icons, Only app names
  • Color Themes

Rootless Launcher

The rootless launcher app is designed to give your smartphone a modern look with at a Glance, now Feed And Icon packs. The app is ad free and open source application. You can search at the bottom of home screen. It also allows you to choose wallpaper based themes. You can  choose app icon packs and icon shape selections on Android 8.0 and above. The app also support widgets. You can add your favorite widgets on home screen. The app also provides lots of customizable options by making launcher more user friendly.

rootless best minimalist app launchers

Get Rootless Launcher app from here: download link


  • Search bar at the bottom
  • Wallapaper based themes
  • Minimalistic
  • Choose your own icon pack
  • Widget support

Lean Launcher

The Lean luncher is an open source customizable application. The app offers you lots of customizable features. The app provides you bottom search bar tool, app search option, voice search shortcut. The launcher comes with light, dark or automatic theme based wallpapers. The app allows you to change the size of app icons. You can hide apps by using the launcher and no more extra application is needed for the same purpose. You can use different gesture settings for making the app more easy, like one finger swipe down for notifications, two finger swipe down for quick settings, double tap to lock etc. The lean app is one of the best minimalist app launchers available on play store.

Get Lean Launcher app from here: download link


  • App and google search
  • Cutomize look and feel
  • Edit app visibility and icons
  • Shortcuts
  • Different gestures and actions
  • Physical Animation
  • Widget support is available

Shade Launcher

The shade launcher is developed to give your smartphone feel like home. It is an open source application. The ap is completely free to use and no ads are provided. The provides you different features like different icon packs, smart unread feature, themes and news feeds, app hide options, etc. The app also supports widgets. The launcher allows you to choose you number of columns on your home screen. You can press and hold an app icon to show quick shortcuts that immediately jump to the app. Just drag an application to the hide icon to hide it and then find it by scrolling very far in app drawer.

shade launcher best minimalist app launchers

The launcher provides Smart Unread feature under which the widgets on first page will show the most important notification on your phone. You can choose between Light or Dark mode, as per your need.

Get Shade Launcher app from here: download link


  • Adaptive Icon Packs
  • Smart Unread
  • Themes
  • News Feed
  • Shortcuts
  • Choose Grid columns
  • Hiding Apps
  • Tap to go home button

Lens Launcher

The Lens Launcher uses the Graphical Fisheye algorithm to run the application. The launcher includes full settings menu to tweak all aspects of the lens launcher; distortions, scaling, icon size and many more. You can quickly browse and lunch apps using Fisheye lens. Te app is a unique and efficient way to browse and launch your apps.

lens launcher best minimalist app launchers

The app provides you an equispaced grid that displays all of your apps and a graphical fisheye to quickly zoom, pan and launch apps using touch gestures. The app also allows you to choose which apps you want to see on your homescreen and which you don’t. The lens app is one of the best minimalist app launchers available on play store.

Get Lens Launcher app from here: download link best minimalist app launchers


  • All of your apps on home screen
  • Use fish eye lens to find, zoom and lauch
  • Modify the lens as per your needs
  • Customize app order and visibility

Lynx Launcher

The Lynx launcher is inspired by the Gnome Desktop Environment for Linux, the app offers all fuctionalities of a modern home screen without being too complex or distracting. It is a sleek, fast and unobtrusive launcher. The laincher is a best customizable replacement for your home screen that provides a focused, clean, and unobtrusive user interface.

lynx launcher best minimalist app launchers

The app allows you to hide applications which you cannot uninstall but don’t want to see. You can change the position of dock, text size, search bar visibility and more. The app offers you fast notification and gestures. You can see all of your favorite applications and contacts at one place. The app also supports dark mode and different themes and icon packs. The lynx launcher also supports add widget function. You can hide apps to which you don’t want to give access to others.

Get Lync Launcher app from here: download link


  • No Distractions
  • Customizable options
  • Fast Navigation and gestures
  • Favorite apps and contacts at one place
  • Extended search funtionality
  • Theming for launcher and icons
  • Dark mode support
  • Widget support

Not one particular Launcher application is perfect for everyone. You should try different launchers and then decide which suits you the best. The above given applications are our Top 10 Best Minimalist App Launchers For Your Android Phone. Dont forget to mention what is your favorite launcher in comment box and we would be glad to update our list.

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