Best Modded Kik Apps for you to use in 2022

Kik is an instant messaging application available free of cost for iOS and Android operating systems. Modded kik is an application that uses the kik messenger platform to send and receive its messages. You can use your kik username to sign in on mod kik too.

Why use mod kik?

The original kik messenger offers you limited features but the modded one gives you lots of features along with the original ones. A person who knows about coding can make changes in the basic coding of kik messenger to create his own modded kik app. The modded app can give you better speed, more features, unlock locked features, more chat themes, and many more.

Best Modded Kik Apps

Is it safe to use modded kik apps?

As anyone who knows coding can change the original app to create his own modded app, there are more chances that some vested interests may create them for spying on you using some malware or virus. Also, kik is not responsible for any kind of illegal activity done through modded kik on its platform. As a result you need to be careful while choosing which mod kik you should use.

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Here in this article, we are giving you a list of some of the best-modded kik apps and features associated with them.

Blue Kik

Blue Mods organization is the developer of Blue Kik. This is the best kik mod available right now on the internet. The modders have added so many additional features to the basic kik messenger which will help you to gain an edge over your friends while chatting.

best kik modBest Modded Kik AppsBest Modded Kik Apps

How to access the mod features?

Click on the settings icon on the right top corner > then click on the Blue Mods option.

Now you will see different mod options. We are listing them below and explaining important ones:

CHAT:  Under the chat option you will see Fake camera, Disable typing, Read Receipts, Whos reading your messages, Fake Camera Exposer, Customize Chatting Reply, etc.

THEME: Under theme options, you will see the custom background, square picture, rainbow typing, custom font, text colors, etc

MEDIA: You will find Bypass options for images, the text of the image, article title, fake camera option, and many more media options.

BOT: In bot options, you can turn on auto add, auto-reply, anti annoy, anti lurk, etc

EXTRAS: This contains various miscellaneous functions like stealth mode, option to delete all messages, delete all contacts, welcome back toast, blur media options, etc.

You can use blue kik to send gallery pictures and videos as fake camera pictures and videos. You can also detect if someone sends you pictures using a fake camera.

Download the blue kik application file from here.

Lynx Remix

Lynx remix kik app is developed by lynx organization which has also developed more kik apps like evilkik, lynx x, etc. The modders have added so many additional features to this app also, like sending fake gallery pictures, easy to use interface. You can use kik usernames and passwords to sign into the Lynx Remix application.

Best Modded Kik Apps

How to access the mod features?

Click on the masked Lynx Remix logo on the top right corner beside the settings symbol.

Now you will see different mod options. We are listing them below and explaining important ones:best kik mod

GENERAL: Under the general tap, you will see information about developers, frequently asked questions, update changelogs, check for update option and donate option.

CHAT: In the chat tab, you will find two different options. One is Who’s Reading which displays a toast telling you who has read your messages and the other is Who,s Tying which sends you a notification when someone is typing.

PER-CHAT: Using the per chat option you can take different options from per chat settings.

MEDIA: Under the media tab, you will find options to turn on a fake camera. You can disable forward, save media files. It also gives you a longer video recording time.

BYPASS: Using this tab you can bypass no forward, disable save, auto loop, auto-mute, and autoplay.

THEMES: You will find various theme options here. You can use the lynx chat theme or customize your own chat theme, load various themes online and reset the theme to the default one.

MISCELLANEOUS: This contains other useful features like welcome back toast, do not disturb option which automatically leaves groups you are added to, auto-reply, square profile picture, auto cache clear and unlock all emoticons.

Lynx Remix is the best alternative and easy to use than blue kik under modded kik.

Download the Lynx Remix application file from here.


Best Modded Kik AppsBest Modded Kik AppsBest Modded Kik Apps

The Pikek mod application is pretty much the same as the lynx remix. The interface of the app is very easy to use. You can send gallery media as a fake camera.

How to access the mod features?

Click on the Settings icon at the right top corner and the open Pikek Settings option. Following are different features of pikek application:

APPEARANCE:  In appearances, you will see different options to change the appearance of your chat. You can make your profile picture square, change font size, change the shape of bubbles of incoming messages, text color, etc.

MEDIA: You will find the fake camera, no save, auto loop, auto mute, autoplay, and no forward options here.

PER-CHAT: Under the per-chat option, you will find the global settings option, disable typing and read receipts features.

OTHERS: Here you will find no pull, anti-loggers, enable links, privacy mode, do not disturb, and ghost emoticons features.

Download the Pikek app from below mentioned sources:

Happy modDownload


Best Modded Kik Appsbest kik modbest kik mod

Nullkik is a modded kik application that is much lite, easy, and faster to use. Developers have made so many changes to the basic kik application. The developers added only a few important features to the application. The interface of the app is very simple to use.

How to access the mod features?

Click on the Settings icon at the right top corner and the open Nullkik Settings option. Following are some of the important features of Nullkik application:

  • Font Size: Choose your font size for messages.
  • Bubble color: Choose your color for incoming bubbles.
  • Incoming and Outgoing Shape: Choose your shape for incoming and outgoing bubbles.
  • Disable Typing: Others will not see you typing in chat.
  • A Disable Reading: Others will not see you reading their messages in the chat.
  • Disable Forwards: Gallery/Camera/ video you send will have no forward option.
  • Fake Camera: Gallery will be sent as cameras/video.
  • Ghost Emoticons: Your default emoticons will be grayed out.

The above-mentioned features will help you greatly while chatting with your friends.

Download the Nullkik app from below



best kik modbest kik mod

The Ghostkik is the easiest modded kik application to use. Instead of adding more features, developers had removed most of the features to make it light and simple. It also requires very little space to run. Hence this is the best mod if you are having storage problems.

There are no special features associated with Ghostkik. There are so many hacked versions of this mod. So it is necessary to download it from a reliable source.

Download the Ghost kik application file from below:


Most importantly, all above-mentioned mod applications are not endorsed by kik as well as the top10zone team.

This is the list of best modded kik apps for you to use in 2021. If you think any new mod kik is available, write us in comment box and we will include it in best modded kik apps list. If you need any help, our team is always here to help you.

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