Every Trick you can do with Blue Kik

Blue kik or BlueMod is a modded version of the popular instant messaging application Kik. The mod is developed by You will find many of the unique features associated with chatting in this mod app. Some of the features include sending gallery pictures as camera pictures, stealth mode in which you can hide ticks of the messages you send, lots of themes to choose from, etc.

In this article, we will explain to you why you should shift to Blue kik from normal kik and the pros and cons of doing so.

How to download the Blue kik modded app?

It is very easy to get the Blue kik modded app compared to other kik modded apps. The app also gets regular updates and hence will be compatible with future software and android updates. You can choose any of the below-mentioned sources to download the application file.

Download the Blue Kik Mod application From Below:


Telegram Download


Blue kik


How to install and sign into the Blue kik mods app?

First, you will need to download the apk file of the Blue kik. Then you’ll be asked to turn on Install from Unknown Resources. After it just opens the app and installs it. Now you will need to enter your kik username and password to sign in. You can also create a new user account. For some users, after signing in, kik logarithm asks for verification. Follow the verification guide. In case there’s an error loading the pictures, you can either change your network or shift to wifi. You can use a VPN for the same purpose.

What’s New In Recent Update

Blue Kik 4.8.1
  • fixed several issues with global join not working
  • Added Global Join (join any public group where a casino bot is present)
  • Added ability to select chats to delete or block in the new chat menu
  • The resolve option in the per-user menu is now available to all users
  • Bug Fixes

Kik Live

Recently, Kik launched a Live feature. And subsequently, Blue kik included it in their next update. Now Blue Kik comes with Kik live option too. Here I will explain to you all the newly added features of Kik Live inside Blue Kik Mod. Click Here, To understand What is Kik Live and How to disable it?

To Access more Blue Kik Live options go to settings and then Kik Live. The features are explained below:

  • Disable Kik Live: If you enable this feature, the kik live button will be hidden. It will also prevent your last seen time and country from being updated.
  • Disable Live Notification: If enabled, you will not get any notification related to streaming including streaming advertisements.
  • Disconnect While Streaming: This option will disconnect you from Kik to prevent anyone trying to lag or crash the stream via exploits. Please note that some of the commands will not work if you use this feature.
  • Show Live Marquee: If enabled, the Live now feed at the top of the conversation list will show.
  • Hide Guideline Warnings: When viewing the stream, the default guideline warning will not be shown.
  • Ban words or Phrases: If you are the live streamer or admin of the stream and someone uses a name or sends a message and it is on this list, they will automatically be banned.

Below you will find a list of features Blue kik offers. To access them just head to Settings > BlueMods.

Blue Kik

Chat Mods

  1. Fake Camera: By turning the fake camera on you will be able to send gallery media as a camera. This is a really important feature to spam your dear ones.
  2. Disable Typing: If you turn on disable typing, other users will not see you typing.
  3. Read Receipts: The app offers you four different read receipts options. They are Normal, Delivered, Stealth, and Super Stealth. By turning to super stealth, the app keeps your receipts on stealth but sends a read receipt when you open the message. The intent is to hide that you are using a mod but also hides the fact that you are connected to kik or not.
  4. Who’s Reading: It gives you the names of users who read your message in a pop-up form.
  5. Fake Camera Exposer: If you enable this feature, Blue kik will notify you if another user sends a gallery message as a camera message. It will allow blue kik to send a message exposing users who send fake camera messages. (If off it will still say Fake Camera below their message).
  6. Device Exposer: After enabling this the app will show what device or mod the other user is using next to their profile picture.
  7. Start Chatting Detector: This feature replies automatically when someone adds you to their chat list. You also can customize the reply when someone adds you.

Click here to see: How to Fake Camera Picture in Blue Kik.

Theme Options

  1. Enable Custom background: This allows you to set a custom background. You can also choose a chat background image. it also allows you to download kik theme backgrounds.
  2. Disable kik chat theme: It disables all of Kik’s chat theme elements.
  3. Square pictures: When enabled, profile pictures will be shown in squares.
  4. Marquee Names: This allows chat names to scroll if they are long enough.
  5. Rainbow Typing: As you start typing letters, the color of them will change according to the RAINBOW system.
  6. Custom Font: It lets you set the font inside the message bubbles. You can either use preinstalled fonts or load them from a file.
  7. Enable Custom Colors: It allows you to change the color of the incoming bubble, outgoing bubble, text color of incoming and outgoing messages. Also allows you to change the color of incoming and outgoing link text.

Media Mods

  1. Send Bypass Image: You can send an image as if the system has sent it.
  2. Send Custom Image: You can edit and make changes to the image before sending it.
  3. No, Save: If enabled, media sent can’t be saved.
  4. Send Custom Article. You can edit and make changes to the article before sending it.
  5. No Compression: If enabled, photos and video thumbnails won’t be compressed, at a cost of using more data and taking a long time to send.
  6. No Forward: This allows you to send media that cannot be forwarded.
  7. Auto Play: This allows you to auto-play media from the chat. You won’t need to touch or click to play it.
  8. Auto Mute: You can send all media with no sound with this feature. It will automatically mute the media.
  9. Auto Loop: Media sent plays on a loop.

All of these auto media Mods won’t work against you.

Blues Protection Tools

  1. Anti Loggers: It blocks all attempts to log your IP address. Hence, your privacy will be safer now. No one can trace your IP address using Blue Kik app.
  2. Allow GIFs: If anti-logger is enabled, it allows legitimate GIFs to play.
  3. Allow Bot Videos: If anti-logger is enabled, it allows bot videos to play.
  4. Expose Hackers: It exposes all users who send hacks or bricks into the group chat.
  5. Remove Hackers:  If you are an admin of the group, it’ll remove users that try to hack your group.
  6. Do Not Disturb: You can enable this feature after which you will auto leave all the groups you are added to.
  7. Do not Message: This feature automatically disables DMs for groups you join.

All of the Protection tools only work if you are an admin in a group.

Bot Options

  1. Auto Add: This will add the user’s username to your contacts after enabling it.
  2. Auto reply: It lets you automatically reply to messages sent to you.
  3. Smart Auto Reply: If enabled, this will limit the replies to 5 minutes apart.
  4. Custom Auto Reply: You can preset the auto-reply message.
  5. Custom Media Reply: You can set the auto-reply message if the media was sent.
  6. Anti Annoy: You can enable this and unlock the below-given commands.
  7. Anti Spam: Removes people who spam
  8. Anti Lurk: Removes new members who lurk upon joining after a certain amount of minutes. You can even set a time limit in minutes after which members will be removed.
  9. Anti Empty picture: Removes new members without having profile pictures.
  10. Anti long name: Removes new members for having long names.
  11. Disallow Noobs: Removes users who join your group if their account age is under a certain amount of days.
  12. Set Disallow Noobs Age Limit: Set the minimum requirement for account age when joining your group in days.
  13. Bot Moderation Message: Bot will tell the user why it removed them.


  1. Performance Mode: If enabled it keeps the app running in the background too. Allowing blue kik to always run in the background may reduce battery life.
  2. Stealth Mode: Hides the blue logo and custom hint in chats so it appears like normal kik.
  3. Delete All Contacts: Deletes all users from your friend list.
  4. Delete All Messages: Clears all the messages without signing out.
  5. Delete Only Picture messages: Clears only media messages without signing out.
  6. Welcome Back Toast: Greets you every time you come back to Blue Kik.
  7. Customize Toast: Set the welcome back toast message.
  8. Custom Typing: Changes the is typing… text.
  9. Blur Media: Blurs all incoming media in all chats.

How To Backup and Restore Blue Kik Chats And Media?

The original Kik app does not give an option to backup messages. The kik messenger automatically deletes the older messages after a certain size. So don’t forget to keep the chat back up else you will lose your chats and information. Hence, if you want to save the chat and messages, you’ll need another application. But Blue Kik provides you with an in-app chat backup option. Just follow the below-given steps to backup your chats and media in Blue kik.

For Backup:

Go to settings > blue mods > Account Switcher > choose Backup.

For Restore:

Go to settings > blue mods > Account Switcher > Choose Restore.

Note: Following the above steps will back up two files with the same username and a .backup and .backup1 extension. If switching phones, make sure they’re back in the same folder and you copy both, otherwise your media will be lost.

What are the Bots, Bot Commands, and How to use them?

Bots are the automated users created by different creators to be used in kik group chats. They help in regulating and maintaining the group. There are lots of bots available like Rage bot, Casino bot, Navi bot, etc. All of these bots have their own different commands. The blue kik also provides you with some commands which you can either use in a group chat or in a personal chat. These are given below

Bot Commands

  • !bot: opens bot menu with admin utilities.
  • !bypass: Sends 12-hour bypass image instantly.
  • !sys: Sends a system message.
  • !markdown Sends message with big font.
  • !cover: Covers message with a random smiley.
  • !sticker: Converts text to an image.
  • !settings: Shows bot setting in the group.
  • !talkers: This shows the last activity of members of the group.
  • !add: Adds a new command.
  • !delete: Delete a custom command.
  • !profile: Grabs profile info. Works only on the personal message.
  • !blank: Sends a blank character.
  • !wipe: Clears the screen.
  • !exit: Leaves the group

You can use any of the above-given commands. For example, using !wipe will clean the chat. This command will enter some blank spaces into the chat so that the content is not available until you scroll up a lot. With the help of all these commands, you will definitely have an edge over your friends.

At last, Blue kik is the best-modded kik app available currently. It offers you so many new and user-friendly features. If you need any help regarding Blue kik, we are just a comment away from you.