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Digital Wellbeing – An app to control your smartphone addiction

As a parent, you are always worried about your child’s habits and addictions. In today’s world, nobody can stay away from the internet and technology. The internet offers a lot of things to do, get to know. But since the rise of social media websites, everyone loses track of time while using them. These addictions are dangerous, especially for children and students. If you want to keep track of yourself, how much time you spent on your smartphone, which app you used the most, you can use Digital Wellbeing app by Google. The app now comes preinstalled on major android devices. In this article, we will explain to you everything this app lets you do, its features, and how to enable them.

The app comes preinstalled. But you cannot see it on your home screen or app tray cause by default it’s hidden. You’ll need to go to settings then digital wellbeing and parental control. Scroll down and tap on the show icon in the app list. Now the app will be added to your app list. You can get a daily view of your digital habits like;

  1. How frequently you use different apps
  2. How many notifications you receive
  3. Number of times you unlock your device


  • Offers different ways to connect
  • Bedtime mode
  • Focus mode
  • Reduce interruptions
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Parental Controls

Digital Wellbeing by google

Click here to download the Digital Wellbeing app.

How To Use The App?

It is very easy to use the Digital Wellbeing app. Once, you enable the show icon in the app list, you can access it directly from the home screen. The app also records data from your personal profile only and doesn’t include work profile activity giving you more control over your work profile. The app records the number of times you unlock the phone and the number of notifications you get from different apps. You can also check the screen time, meaning for how long you were on your smartphone for the particular day.

The app allows you to access the previous day’s data also. By using this data you can compare your smartphone screentime and help control your smartphone addiction.  The app divides the screen time into the most-used apps. You can also set an app timer for the particular app for which your addiction is too much. After the time you set is reached, the digital wellbeing app will kill the said app and you’ll be no longer able to access that app until midnight.

How To Enable Bed Time Mode?

The bedtime mode makes your phone silent and changes the screen to black and white at bedtime. There are two methods to do this. The first one is based on the schedule. It lets you choose the start and end time along with the days on which you want it. The second mode is while charging at bedtime. It also lets you choose the start and end times for bedtime. When bedtime mode is on, you can choose whether you want do not disturb mode on or off. You can also turn on or off the screen to black and white.

How To Set Up Focus Mode?

The focus mode is very helpful when you need time to focus, you can pause distracting apps and hide their notifications. First, choose the distracting apps from the list available under focus mode. You can either start the focus mode directly by tapping on TURN ON NOW or choose the set a schedule option. The set schedule option allows you to select start and end times along with weekly days on or off. You can also turn of the focus mode by tapping TURN OFF NOW. The app also allows you to take a break from focus mode in case of emergency for five, fifteen, and thirty minutes.

How to use the Parental Control feature to control your child’s addiction to smartphones?

digital wellbeing

You can use parental control to add content restrictions and set other limits to help your child balance their screen time. For using parental control, parents and children need to have access to Google’s Family link app. Parents can add restrictions to Google services, such as app approvals or content filters on Google Play.

Click here to get the Family link apk file.

The Digital Wellbeing app helps you see a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to.