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Free Number For Whatsapp Within Two Minutes.

I wanted to ghost my friend on WhatsApp. So I needed another number for getting OTP. I searched a lot on the internet and also watched few videos on youtube. But those weren’t useful. All the methods were either outdated or not working anymore. After doing a lot of searches I finally found an app that can help you in getting a real number for receiving OTP. I will be explaining to you how to get a Free Number For Whatsapp that too within just two minutes.

What can you do with a fake WhatsApp number?

I used this number for doing prank calls to my friends, colleagues. If you want to ghost anyone you can do so with this number. This will be another WhatsApp account for you, you can do literally everything that you do with your own real number and that too anonymously. Also, you can use this number to register on other apps and websites that want you to have a mobile number for registration, like food delivery apps, dating apps, and many more.

Follow the below-given steps and get a ready-to-use mobile number for WhatsApp verification.

First, you need an email id for logging in. If you have an email, you can use that or you can download the app from the below-given link and get a fake email id.

Download InstAddr – Instant Email address from play store or app store.

instaddr-Free Number For Whatsapp

> Now open the InstAddr app and on the home screen tap on create an address automatically or choose from below given sample email addresses. Copy the email address.

Second, download and install the 2ndline app from the given link.

download link

Note: If it says the app is not available for your location then you can download it directly from our Telegram channel from below given link.

Telegram Channel Link

> Now open the app. Click on signup. Paste the already copied email address. Enter any password you want and hit sign up. On the next screen, tap set up. Deny all the permissions. On the next screen tap on the don’t use location option. By doing so you will be able to keep your location secret. Enter any random area code. Keep in mind that the area code is a three-digit number. For eg, 786, 214. Tap on continue to continue.

2nd line app-Free Number For Whatsapp

> Select a number from the list. The number list will keep refreshing every 60 seconds. So try to be a bit fast. After getting a number your 2ndline account will be ready to use.

> Tap on the number on the home screen of the 2ndline app to copy it.

> Open WhatsApp > Enter or paste the number > Hit next and enter the OTP that you will get inside the 2ndline app. If you didn’t receive the OTP, then request the same through call, using the call me option from WhatsApp. Now you will receive a call through the 2ndline app. Answer it and enter the OTP. Now your WhatsApp account is ready to use.

> You should turn on the two-step verification from setting > account > Two-step verification. This will prevent anybody else from using the same number to sign up on WhatsApp.

Note: If you were not able to get the OTP or it says that mobile doesn’t exist, then try using another number. This may happen due to the number being not available.

This is the best and easiest method available out there for getting another or fake free number for WhatsApp. Also, you can use the same number for signing in or registering on other apps like telegram, signal, tinder, food delivery apps, and so on. Just remember that if you stop using the said number, it will be assigned to another person. So don’t use it for personal privacy purposes.

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