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Kik Messenger: Beginners Guide to get started.

kik messenger is a cloud-based instant messaging application that is available for android as well as iOS devices. The story of the kik application, how it started is given on their website

How Kik was Created?

The site says kik was created as a tool to send messages between blackberry, android, and iOS devices as cross-platform messaging was not possible before. The app was built to break down this barrier and let users chat with whoever, whenever they want.


Today kik is the most popular instant messaging application among teens and youth. It is the best way to connect with your friends anywhere they might be located. Recently the team has announced that they’ll add more features to the messaging platform to make it more interesting and user-friendly.


  1. Milion ways to say whatever you want. The kik messenger supports tons of emojis as well as GiFs. You can use them to make your conversation more interesting. The app also supports different modes like viral videos, sketches, memes inside the chat to make it spicier. The app also lets you change the theme of your smileys.
  2. Easy to use interface: The new design is easy on the eyes ad also easier to use.
  3. Kik Bots: The kik bots help you get to socialize. You can ask questions to them, play quizzes, get news and advice, and many more. You’ll find thousands of bots in the bot shop of the app.
  4. Kik Codes: The app creates a unique code of your user id that you can share with your friends so that they can find you very easily. Also, you can scan the codes of your friends to connect with them.
  5. Kik Live: This is the latest and new feature of the platform. Now you can go live on the app and other users can join you. They can also tip you for your live session.


Kik is a very popular app. Hence you might find some versions of kik that are corrupted and full of viruses. So it is necessary that you download the app from, the play store, or the apple store.

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How To Sign Up For The Kik Platform?

After downloading the app, open it. You’ll see two options on the home screen, one for signing up and the other for logging in. If you already have a kik account, you can tap on the log-in button and then enter the user id and password. If you are new to the platform and don’t have an id, you can tap on the sign-up option and enter all the details. You’ll be asked to enter first name, last name, username, password, birth date, and phone that’s optional. You can now hit sign up and your account is created. Boom!

Finding the new friends

On the home screen of kik messenger you’ll see, at the top live now users, at the bottom meet new people and below it chat and live buttons. To make new friends tap on meet new people. It is an instant chat experience that matches you with kik users from around the world. This feature is anonymous before you decide to reveal your profile. You’ll get daily 15 chats in the meet new people section.

To connect with the people and friends you knew, tap on the plus symbol and select find people. Now you’ll be shown three options, you can use any one of them to find your friends. The first is found by username, the second one is found by phone contacts, and the last one is found by kik code.

How To Create Groups On kik?

The kik messenger allows you to create two types of groups, private ones, and public ones. The private groups can be joined only by invite links whereas public to join public groups you need to enter the hashtag code of the group.

To create a private group, tap on the plus symbol and select the start a group option. Now enter the name of the group, upload a group photo, and select friends who you want to add to your private group. Then hit the start button on the right top corner and boom, your group is ready to use.

To create a public group, tap on the plus symbol then go to public groups. Now you’ll see the plus symbol at the right top corner, tap on it. You need to enter the name and hashtag of the group. Other users can search this hashtag and join your group. Choose the members you want to add and click start. Your public group is ready to use.

Where to find Bots to manage the groups?

Once you start using the kik groups, you’ll find that most of the groups are managed by admin with the help of some bots like Ragebot, Navi, etc. Now you’ll be wondering how o get them and set them to manage your own groups. We are giving you the list of the bots that you can use to manage your groups.

  1. RageBot: It is a bot that automatically removes those bots that enter the group. Additionally, it can post a welcome message when new users join, reserves a spot in the group. To start using Ragebot, Click Here.
  2. Navi Bot: Navi bot does all the works that rage bot do plus it also does a few more works. It ranks active users according to their activity. Click Here to get it.

Overall kik is a great platform to connect with friends and family.

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