What Is Kik Live Feature And How To Disable It

In the recent update, Kik has launched a new feature, Kik Live. Kik is more than just a messaging app and a chat app. Now you can see other users, and friends live on Kik and also be seen on Kik Live. In this short article, I will tell you everything about this new feature, how you can use it and how you can get rid of Kik Live feature.

What is Kik Live?

Kik live feature is similar to Instagram live. But the kik live gives you some additional features. These features include favorites, fans, new diamond currency, new levels to rank up. These all are explained below.

  • Fans: The fan feature is similar to the Instagram followers. Your live sessions will get more views and they will get a notification every time you go live. You can keep going live and start streaming to get more fans.
  • Favorites: You can favorite a streamer by tapping on the star icon. Once you add someone as a favorite, you will be notified when they go live.
  • Diamonds: These are kinds of in-app currency that you can buy from the app and gift to your favorite streamers. If you are a streamer, you can earn these from your fans and cashout them via Skrill.
  • Ranks: Your streamer rank allows you to see how you stack up against other streamers on live. You can earn more streamer points to rank up from one level to the next. The rank starts from Bronze and includes Silver, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire.
  • Social Media: You can share your live instantly with just a click on six different social media like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.
  • Bouncers: You can add users as bouncers so that they can help you keep your live feed clean and spam-free.

What are Diamonds?

When you tip or gift a streamer with a diamond, they will earn these Diamonds for each one you send. These are great ways to track your progress as a streamer on the dashboard. You can climb your way to the top of the leaderboards and get more viewers by earning more diamonds. You can also claim a cash rewards in exchange for Diamonds.

How To Rank Up?

Your streamer rank allows you to see how you stand up against your opponent or other users on Live. Earn more streamer points to rank up from Bronze all the way to sapphire. Check out the different ways to earn more SP below.

  • Earn Diamonds in Live- Get SP for every Diamond you earn.
  • Daily Viewers and Gifters: Earn SP for every Unique Viewer and Gifter.
  • Battles- Earn SP for every Battle, win or lose.

As you move more on the Rank, you’ll unlock more rewards.

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How To Disable Kik Live?

The Kik live makes your experience while using Kik app hell. Kik will recommend you more live streamers and that will irritate you more. Also, Kik live is the known cause of why you get more spam bot PMs, as it leaks additional profile information about you that is very helpful to spambots.

Disabling this should decrease incoming spam bot PMs especially if you have never used Kik Live. It will also prevent your last seen time, basic location information like country or distance in some cases, and device location from being updated.

At present, there is only one way to disable the Kik Live button. The Blue Kik Mod application is the only app that allows you to disable Kik Live button. You can download it from below.

Blue Kik                                 Telegram

kik live

After Downloading the Blue kik app, install it. Youll see DISABLE KIK LIVE option before logging in. Tao on it and select YES. The app will restart and the Kik Live Button will be turned off.