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InstaPro-Every Trick You Can Do With this Mod

InstaPro Mod is an Instagram-modified application that unlocks lots of new features. In this article, we will explain to you the different mod features that you will get to use. This Insta Pro Mod is the best-modified application out there on the internet. You can use it freely. Some of the features include more privacy, downloading media, ad-free, unfollowing tracker, etc.


How To Download InstaPro Mod App

You can either download the application from their official website or also get it from our Telegram Channel. You will find the Telegram Channel Link Below.

Telegram Download

After downloading the file don’t forget to enable installation from unknown sources in the settings.

Features of InstaPro


We know that Facebook tracks a lot of personal user data on the Instagram app. InstaPro mod app has some full privacy features like do not mark messages as read in DM, hiding view stories, hiding typing status, and so on.

Download Stories And Media

This Mod app lets you download all the media files whether they are images, videos, stories, or reels with just one tap that too in original quality. You can download media by pressing the download button and also using extra option.


Save IGTV Videos

You can save IGTV videos to your device.


As we all know how annoying Instagram ads can be while browsing through a feed or story The insta pro app removes all the ads in between the feed and stories.

Max Quality media

You can share all the media and posts in full resolution with your friends and family.


The app supports Google and Yandex translation engines. You can translate comments and posts to major languages in that world.

In-app Browser

The provides you a choice to use an in-app browser and avoid opening links by visiting another browser.

Shopping Items In Search

You can also disable search advertisement items in the search box.

Unfollowing Tracker

The Insta Pro comes with an inbuilt unfollower tracking method. There’s no need to install a separate app to know who unfollowed you.

Follows You

The app gives you the ability to show FOLLOWS YOU tag. You can see who followed you easily.

Some Shortcut Features

  • Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • Download media on triple tap
  • zoom picture on long tap
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM
  • Download Own Story with Music
  • Copy Comments
  • Copy Users Bio
  • Comments link can be opened directly

How To Enable Above Mentioned Features in InstaPro

  • After installing the app, enter your user id and password, and then hit login.
  • Then on the Three horizontal lines on the right top corner of your profile.
  • You’ll see the InstaPro settings option, Tap on it.
  • All the features will be listed below starting from the Chat screen.

Chat Screen

You can change how your chat screen looks in DM. This feature lets you choose different colors for the background in the conversation screen. Also, It lets you change Gradient orientation and Gradient Color. You can even set images of your favorite person or animal as wallpaper for the chat screen.


This feature gives you five different privacy options. These are Hide view stories, Don’t mark messages as read, Live Ghost Mode, hide typing status in DM, and Disable Analytics. You just have to toggle the button to turn on any of the above features you want.


  • Photos In max Quality: By Default Instagram compresses photos and videos by screen width. This option disables that restriction. Sometimes this might cause lags and out-of-memory crashes, in that case, toggle this feature off.
  • Remove Black Borders in stories
  • Don’t crop stories
  • Improve Photo Quality
  • Improve Reels Quality
  • Open stories in Fullscreen
  • Increase Story Quality

Feed And Stories

This feature allows you to play feed/reels videos directly, start videos with sounds directly, play story videos, and Disable Story Auto skip.

Special Features of Instapro

There are a few more features listed below:

  • Disable Stories
  • Remove like posts from a feed
  • Disable ads
  • Remove suggested posts
  • Carousel posts to first media
  • Remove carousel posts
  • Remove video posts to reduce net usage
  • Load the lowest photo quality
  • Load the lowest video quality
  • Remove seen posts
  • Recommended friends
  • Disable Shopping Items in Search

UI Gestures

By using UI gestures you can enable or disable double-tap to like, zoom photos on long tap, disable swipe to navigate, download media on triple tap and enable video fast-forwarding.

App Lock

The InstaPro app comes with an in-app app lock feature. You’ll find it in instapro settings. It lets you set pin code, set hide chat lock, set background, and also show chats notification that if enabled, a notification for direct chat will be displayed with content hidden and if disabled no notification will be displayed.

Download Settings

The app allows you to download images, and videos directly with one tap or also by triple tapping. It lets you choose the download folder. You can also split downloads by usernames, download media on the notification received, and enable downloading pic, voice, and video on the chat screen.

Backup And Restore

You can make a copy of your account, posts, and chats and save them offline to your device and also, later on, restore them whenever you want.

These are all the features you can use if you switch to InstaPro. If you need any help or have any doubt our comment section is always open for you.

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