How To Backup And Restore Brave Rewards?

Brave rewards are the tokens credited to your browser wallet while you use and enjoy ad-free browsing. Brave private ads reward you with a token that you can use to donate to your favorite content creator unlike traditional ads while keeping your personal information private. So this article will tell you how you can backup and restore Brave rewards.

The Brave private ads appear as a normal browser notification. You can control the frequency of the ads from 1 to 10 per hour. These ads then will be converted to tokens. All the tokens earned by you throughout the month will be credited to your wallet by the 5th of the next month. Creators receive your token contributions automatically based on your engagement levels that we measure as ‘Attention’.

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What can you do with tokens?

Tokens can be used beyond supporting creators. You can buy digital content and other goods as merchants come on board. You can also digitally encash them through Gemini or Uphold wallet.
Once you start to earn the tokens, the safekeeping of the same becomes important. A silly mistake can erase all of your earned tokens from the browser. Hence it becomes important to back up your wallet. At first, you’ll need to understand that the funds you receive in your wallet are virtual, and are not required to be backup. You will be given a choice to spend these through the browser. If you’d like to secure all of your funds in the case of clean installing the browser or switching to a new device and have other benefits such as adding, withdrawing, and transferring funds, then you might like to verify your wallet and connect it with one of the given digital wallet options.

How To Back Up?

To backup your wallet, go to settings, and then brave rewards. Now you’ll see verify wallet option on a template. Click on it. Then continue and choose a wallet service that you want to connect your brave tokens. You are allowed to choose from Gemini and Uphold custodial wallet partners. Next, follow the sign-in or sign-up instructions given on the screen and your wallet will be automatically linked to the brave wallet.

How To Restore?

When you reinstall the Brave browser, you would want you previously backed Brave tokens back into your Brave wallet. To do so you’ll need the recovery key that you will find in your backed-up wallet service. You can copy it from there and paste it into the box shown to you. Once you verify the key, all the tokens will be restored to your wallet. You can also scan the QR code, but this facility is only for iOS users.

How To Be A Verified Brave Rewards User?

The Brave in its latest update gave users an option to get verified. Now by getting verified you can save your Brave Rewards directly to the custodian wallet like Gemini or Uphold. You can even redeem these rewards through these wallet partners and buy anything you want. You just need to follow the below-given steps.

Step 1 > Open the Brave Rewards Home Page or Click Here.

Back Up Brave Rewards

Step 2 > Click on the Unverified Logo.

Step 3 > Now you’ll see verifying is an optional box. Click Continue.

Step 4 > Choose the wallet you want to link your Brave Rewards to.

Step 5 > Sign in to the wallet if you already have an account or do sign up.

Step 6 > Your wallet is linked and ready to use.

These simple tricks and steps can help you earn maximum rewards as well as keep them safe in case you lose the browser data. This is all about the way to backup and restore brave rewards.

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